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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ultrasurf U992

To all blogger friends have you ever experienced trouble whene you can not access  blogger or just blogwalking and reply to messages in the shout box but the destination page could not be opened? If your answer yes that means you have the same problem with me and another Bloggers,don't believe it?just goggling with keywords "can not open blog".

If this troubled happened to you just relax and calm down,  try open another  a web page or another URL (not blogspot url) if the web page opened so the blogspot page  is supposed to opened as well .

there are several ways that can be used in order to access the blogspot :

1. Change the DNS - depending on your isp and the blogger master already know about it. I recommended you to use  Google DNS : and

2. Use the services. www.usestack.com ,www.HidemyAss.com or www.anonymouse.org and browsing through their servers.

3. Using Ultrasurf, for firefox users don't forget to download the add-on and install it to your browser, how to  install it? just Goggling it how, because it's not cool at all if I tell you the way to install it  .^_^.

Tips above can only be used if you can not access a website / blog but still can access other sites, but if you can not access all the websites page do not use this way, just use another ways that more quick and effective which is  " turn off the computer! " hahaha sorry just a joke ^_^


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