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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adblock plus

Did you know (that's ok if you already know just pretend you don't know .. hihihi) that adblock plus which is a add-on firefox to  block ads that suddenly appears on a web page can also be used to get the url link downloading of films, video or something that requires us to follow the survey before we get the download link .How? that's easy , when the page survey that covered the original page appears, try to right click on the page and select adblock plus: block frame or block image page, or up to what appears, repeat this process several times until the page survey completely disappear  because based on my experience survey page consists of several frames and image.before use my tips install adblock plus in your favorite firefox.Thank you

I am not responsible for the effect occurs when you use my tips above, so don't blame me, blame the creator of adblock plus because I write it is based on my experience and learning purpose only with hope that the survey providers use good script.the most important is sharing, OK


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