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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dummy File Creator

 What is  Dummy File Creator?. is a small and free software of course, to create a big fake file . this free software utility is :

1.hard disk speed.test.
2.CD burning test
3.Upload and download speed test over network
4.Fool your friends on the office (it's mean if there any friends who want to download the file with "interesting names" such as xxx miyabi with large file sizes on your computer > 50 GB, they would think twice before download it,right?).
5.overwrite data in your hard disk / removable media. This is my favorite function of this software , do you know why? even though  you deleted your data on your hard disk with any kind of file eraser software there is always possibility  to recover files you've been deleted by  forensic IT man with special software, after you deleted your confidential and top secret file on your har disk / removable media use this Dummy file creator to make large fake files to Overwrite by filling up available space on it.

 how to use it?

1. Download (of course)
2. Install (sure)
3. Run it ( you must be out of your mind after you download and install it but don't use it,that is wasting your time) hahaha -> select  single file mode or multiple files -> select the file path or a place to create the file -> select the file size from 1 mb  to 100 GB and then -> USE YOUR IMAGINATION .... hahahaha.

note :I read over the internet there is person use this software to protect his removable media  from a virus attack, logically if there's no available space on the removable media the virus can't copy their self on it,that's sound true .Thanks you. Source


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