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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dummy File Creator

 What is  Dummy File Creator?. is a small and free software of course, to create a big fake file . this free software utility is :

1.hard disk speed.test.
2.CD burning test
3.Upload and download speed test over network
4.Fool your friends on the office (it's mean if there any friends who want to download the file with "interesting names" such as xxx miyabi with large file sizes on your computer > 50 GB, they would think twice before download it,right?).
5.overwrite data in your hard disk / removable media. This is my favorite function of this software , do you know why? even though  you deleted your data on your hard disk with any kind of file eraser software there is always possibility  to recover files you've been deleted by  forensic IT man with special software, after you deleted your confidential and top secret file on your har disk / removable media use this Dummy file creator to make large fake files to Overwrite by filling up available space on it.

 how to use it?

1. Download (of course)
2. Install (sure)
3. Run it ( you must be out of your mind after you download and install it but don't use it,that is wasting your time) hahaha -> select  single file mode or multiple files -> select the file path or a place to create the file -> select the file size from 1 mb  to 100 GB and then -> USE YOUR IMAGINATION .... hahahaha.

note :I read over the internet there is person use this software to protect his removable media  from a virus attack, logically if there's no available space on the removable media the virus can't copy their self on it,that's sound true .Thanks you. Source Readmore...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adblock plus

Did you know (that's ok if you already know just pretend you don't know .. hihihi) that adblock plus which is a add-on firefox to  block ads that suddenly appears on a web page can also be used to get the url link downloading of films, video or something that requires us to follow the survey before we get the download link .How? that's easy , when the page survey that covered the original page appears, try to right click on the page and select adblock plus: block frame or block image page, or up to what appears, repeat this process several times until the page survey completely disappear  because based on my experience survey page consists of several frames and image.before use my tips install adblock plus in your favorite firefox.Thank you

I am not responsible for the effect occurs when you use my tips above, so don't blame me, blame the creator of adblock plus because I write it is based on my experience and learning purpose only with hope that the survey providers use good script.the most important is sharing, OK Readmore...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Admin Swiss Knife Suite

Admin Swiss Knife Suite  another free portable software collection must have on your removable media such as  Usb flash drive,external hard disk etc.and the most important is free.

here is the example of free software on this Admin Swiss Knife Suite :

System Tools      :                           
 Network Tools    :
Password Recovery :

and so many more, it's cool aren't they? I think you'll love it and too bad if you not try it because there's "sniff " software on network tools ,see what I mean? and also look at password recovery  (use your wild instinct) ,If you still don't understand what I mean just asked your neighbor hahahah (evil smile mode on)  , sumber . Readmore...

Ultrasurf U992

To all blogger friends have you ever experienced trouble whene you can not access  blogger or just blogwalking and reply to messages in the shout box but the destination page could not be opened? If your answer yes that means you have the same problem with me and another Bloggers,don't believe it?just goggling with keywords "can not open blog".

If this troubled happened to you just relax and calm down,  try open another  a web page or another URL (not blogspot url) if the web page opened so the blogspot page  is supposed to opened as well .

there are several ways that can be used in order to access the blogspot :

1. Change the DNS - depending on your isp and the blogger master already know about it. I recommended you to use  Google DNS : and

2. Use the services. www.usestack.com ,www.HidemyAss.com or www.anonymouse.org and browsing through their servers.

3. Using Ultrasurf, for firefox users don't forget to download the add-on and install it to your browser, how to  install it? just Goggling it how, because it's not cool at all if I tell you the way to install it  .^_^.

Tips above can only be used if you can not access a website / blog but still can access other sites, but if you can not access all the websites page do not use this way, just use another ways that more quick and effective which is  " turn off the computer! " hahaha sorry just a joke ^_^ Readmore...

Lupo pensuite 6.80

Here is the latest all in one software for your usb or any removable media. Lupo pensuite 6.80 is portable and free of charge software or application on the web provide to you by lupo pensuite team  .designed to simplify user life to carry on with,just plug in on any computer and your portable software library will load to make your work easier.how badly you want it? source Readmore...


To all of you my  friends who looking for information about the page rank of a blog before you  follow them through page rank checker,now there is another alternative way that is more easier to use.This eToolz not only  check the rank value of a blog but  also check Dns, Ping, Whois, Trace, mail (the validity of an e-mail address), and even computer's IP information  being used * (if  you don't know where to check your IP information).  Source.

Note for newbie only (including me):
- Don't forget to change the language to English because the language used by default is german language. click Extras ---->;Language---->english  ( don't change the language if you  know German or if you want to make your self look cool in front of your friends).

 *Not bad to looking some computer information that you used on public computer, and if you upset to the public internet operator take the IP and the Dns and move to the next public internet cafe and.... boom!! asked the H !........ **** r master for more details, do not ask me because I'm newbie ha..ha..ha.(evil smile mode on) but more good  and gentle if you talk to the operator and have a chit-chat while offering them cigarettes and tell them :@#$%%##@#$$% !! (angry!)  than cheat them, right?, peace, peace. be lover not fighter. Readmore...

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0.

No doubt about the ability of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0securing home users computer from malware and it's friends, even though the 9.0 series mention not as good as 7.5 series but still an antivirus program that has a reliable performance for home users, and now in 9.0 series the speed performance increases,to all those AVG series users please upgrade to 9.0 version for better security and better performance, thank you. Source

* Sorry late, and very late I think to publishing this post because I was to busy with my daily work. Readmore...

FastStone Image Viewer 3.9

FastStone Image Viewer 3.9 is a Image browser, converter and free image editor that supports common formats that are commonly used such as BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA, and also supports several formats of digital cameras such as: CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, SRF etc. for you peoples who have a large digital photo collection and need a free editor program I think this program has it all and worth to try yet easy to use and the most important is free! thank you Source Readmore...

Winamp 5.56

Who don't know Winamp? I think so wierd in the present time if we don't know program that has become part of our daily life. now in the latest series Winamp has some more powerful features such :

1. History sharing
2. Supports synchronization with Ipod
3. Make users more easier to import play lists from iTunes
4. And much more

Winamp standar fullversion 5.56  Winamp standar liteversion 5.56 source Readmore...

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