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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


To all of you my  friends who looking for information about the page rank of a blog before you  follow them through page rank checker,now there is another alternative way that is more easier to use.This eToolz not only  check the rank value of a blog but  also check Dns, Ping, Whois, Trace, mail (the validity of an e-mail address), and even computer's IP information  being used * (if  you don't know where to check your IP information).  Source.

Note for newbie only (including me):
- Don't forget to change the language to English because the language used by default is german language. click Extras ---->;Language---->english  ( don't change the language if you  know German or if you want to make your self look cool in front of your friends).

 *Not bad to looking some computer information that you used on public computer, and if you upset to the public internet operator take the IP and the Dns and move to the next public internet cafe and.... boom!! asked the H !........ **** r master for more details, do not ask me because I'm newbie ha..ha..ha.(evil smile mode on) but more good  and gentle if you talk to the operator and have a chit-chat while offering them cigarettes and tell them :@#$%%##@#$$% !! (angry!)  than cheat them, right?, peace, peace. be lover not fighter.


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