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Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello all my friends, after all this time Offline from blogging due my activity in real world finally I have time to post something here again.

who know Recuva? Recuva is recovery software used to recover data lost due erased from the recycle bin on your computer and the most importance is FREE !. But who know if Recuva also can be used to peek at files on Folder that has been locked by software folder lock.

Use your wild instincts, in the Recuva main window select the drive and scan your target folder (the folder locked by folder lock software) until you find the folder with the folder name LastF.

If you succeed at this point you will see the names of the files in the folder lock and choose which one file in the list to recover and  ........ booom!......OMG that locked data can be open now.

If you don't believe me just try it by yourself,and try it to peek at the files in the folder that has been locked by similar programs,and sharing to others if you made it. 
remember don't use it to destroy the good name of others, just for learning only.


I am not responsible for any losses because of this post,I just sharing what I know (should I put this disclaimer like an expert? hahahaha.I just newbie).
Thank you.


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