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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Sometimes something that we think not important is safe us and resolve the problem we had , for example  Xpass  ,this small and free software that I don't think at all because the functions not impressed me much (joking .. hahahaha).

The incident began when me and technicians who used to call to my work place forgotten  (forgotten or have no idea who changed the password?)about password on a regular ADSL modem ,because the modem is broken and must be replaced with new one.If I were forgotten or don't know about the password that's  ok because I'm cleaning service person..(hahahaha)

Well shortly me and the technician repeatedly called Telkom 147 service line ( Telkom is Indonesia internet service provider) asked the last 3 digits password  more than 10 times (I think they going to be mad to see our call on their computer information log) . After struggled with the trial and error to fill the password on new modem,finally we realize that the password still remain on the old modem but the password code encrypted by dot characters.these charachter can not show even though I copied it into notepad. that's the time when I remember  Xpass , tarrra! finally this cute little programs solving the problems in the last round by displaying encrypted dot character password  (usually asteric,but why dot charckter on ADSL modem settings). source

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